Friday 11 September 2020

"PORCY MAIN AMATAAZ!---HERE WE COME!" (or NOT az the case may be!)

 Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 11th September 2020

Updated '9:40am bells' Saturday


Az the never endin NUFC takeower saga drags on (and on!), we are off to the coast to watch a game on Saturday afternooon! 

We intended to gan to Whitley Bay to watch their FA Cup preliminary tie against 'The Bad Blue Boys' of Dunston, but unfortunately the game haz been cancelled az 2 Dunston players have tested positive for covid-19 and the whole squad must therefore self isolate for 14 days!  We wish them a speedy recovery!

Az there woz nee chance of a postponement, Dunston were forced to forfeit the tie!

We desperateleee scoured the local non leegue fixture list for the north Tyneside coast area and 2 Northern Alliance games came up---both in North Sheeeldz! (We'd decided to gan to that area anyway for a few 'gargels', after the Whitley Bay game!)

North Sheeeldz Athletic v Cullercoats and Porcy Main Amataaz v Blue Star came up on the internet with '2:30 bells' kick offs!

We picked the Porcy Main game az it haz a clubhoose, whereaz North Sheeelz duzzint!  Whether its open though, due to the pandemic, iz anybodys guess??? We shall soon find oot tomorrow!

After that game we intend to find a boozer in North Sheeeldz or nearby Tynemoooth to watch 'The Toon' on the telly at '8:00 bells' v 'The Jellied Eels Mob' of West Ham in eest London!

Defiantly oot are Mark Dubravka, Dwight Gayle and 'Fab' Schar, but there could be a possible FIVE debutants, and they are Jamal Lewis, Ryan Frazer, Callum Wilson, Jeff Hendrick and goalie Mark Gillespie!  Lets hope they 'gel' straight away and give us hope for the new season after the dispair of the takeower! (Which haz still a slim chance of happennin'!?)

Meeenwhile, and az we speak, wor U23s are kickin' off against 'The Smoggies' U23s at Little Benton and of course it's behind closed doors, so we cannit gan!

Updates from U23s game from 'high noon bells' onwards:

NUFC U23s 0 v 1 Smoggies U23s (Liddle 10th minute (pen)

1-1 34th minute; Niall Brookwell with low shot for hiz debut goal!

2-1 up 40th minute; Elliot Anderson fires home from a Longelo cross!

HALF TIME 2-1 up

2-2 65th minute; Isiah Jones (Just after Adam Wilson had just had a goal ruled 'off-side' for NUFC!)

Jack Young 'skied' a baall ower the bar which would won the game for The Toon U23s with just 2 minutes left on the clock!


Updated '9:40am bells' Saturday


Unbeleeevibleee the Porcy Main game iz OFF due to a Blue Star player testin' positive for 'the bat out of hell' virus!

Plan C will now be put into operation 'let's find a game to gan tee'

And its wor othaa choice, North Sheeeldz Athletic v Cullercoats, which isnt far from Porcy Main!

Thord time lucky?

Let's hope so!?

A full 'Geordie Times' match report on that and the NUFC telly game will appear here sometime on Sunday! (Mebeez!🤞)

Az per usual---"Watch this space!" 

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