Tuesday 23 July 2019


Posted '3:03pm bells' Tuesday 23rd July 2019

News that Sheff Wed are to report NUFC to the Premyaa Leegue after the dirty trix played on them by 'Broken Nose Bruce' and 'The Fat Controller', comes az nee suprize to us!

Wedinsday gave Bruce companionate leave when they appointed him and gave him time off to gan to Barbados to watch the cricket with hiz faathaa in law in January after family bereavements --they said he could take the reigns in February instead!

Six months later he stabbed them in the back by waalkin oot on them to take ower The Toon!

Wor beloved? owner 'The Fat Controller' and hiz MD 'Penfold' (he looks like the cartoon character!) didn't even bothaa contactin' Sheff Wed aboot 'Broken Nose' and hiz back room staff---and instead leaked it to the tabloids, that they wanted him/them!

Bruce foond oot of course---and woz told that he would have to resign if he wanted the Toon job, az the Sheffeeeld club said they wanted up to £5 million compensation for Bruce, plus more for hiz back room staff!
'Broken Nose' and hiz team duly did resign, which did not pleeze the Wedinzday owner or fans one bit!

'The Fat Controller' then told the media that Bruce woz wor new heed coach, withoot havin' the decency to contactin' the Sheff Wed owner forst, to tell him!
More predictable underhand dirty trix by wor owner!

Wot a fiasco to get wor SIXTH choice 'puppet on a string' manager/heed coach, who haz the 2nd worst Premyaa Leegue record after Bryan Robson for takin' charge of 250 plus top flight games!

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