Wednesday 10 July 2019


Posted '3:59pm bells' Wednizday 10th July 2019

Some NUFC fans have caalled for a boycott of the Arsenal game after the faalloot of Rafa's departure intensifies!

They aalso plan to boycott the club shop and of course those SD stores own by a certain fat gadgie!

And news that ex mackem manager 'Broken Nose Bruce' iz odd on favourite to replace Rafa, fills aall of us at The Geordie Times with dread!
'Broken Nose' iz a Championship manager at the best and that's where we will surely end up if he gets the 'poison chalice'!
Fat Sam the Ugly Man haz aalso hoyed hiz hat into the ring, when he said, "Who wouldn't want to manage them!?"
That's TWO ex SMBs in the frame!

'Broken Nose'
fits 'The Fat Controller's 'yes man' bill though, az he will 'dee az he iz told' and 'toe the line', IF he iz appointed!
(Fat Sam would gleefully take the money and couldn't give 2 f***s where we end up if he gets the job!)

Rafa haz put off some high profile people by tellin them in nee uncertain terms that the job iz a 'nightmare' az the owner hardy ever speaks and that in the 3 years that Rafa woz in charge, he anly spoke or saw him 4 or 5 times! (He's spoken more times to hiz new Chinese club owner in the last week!

The so caalled takeower by the Bin Zayed Group iz lookin less likely az the days and weeks pass and that we will be 'stuck' with the present regime for sometime yet---a nightmare scenario, if ever there woz one!  

Az for the match boycotts, The Geordie Times will be in attendance, but in nee way do we want 'The Fat Controller' to stay!
WE have a home friendly against St Etienne of France and 'yours truly' will be there az I have seen NUFC play against every club side we have played at home in the last 53 years---and so to miss the St Etienne game would break the chain! (ie: A'v GOT to gan!)
(The last one aa missed woz a 7-2 friendly victory ower Linfield of Northern Ireland in 1966!)

I have vowed, however!, never to buy anything more from the club shop or SD and I wont frequent 'NINE' bar underneath The Gallowgate Stand, (which iz owned by the club), until 'The Fat Controller' departs---never to be seen again!----hopefully! 

Haz it reeely come to this???  

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