Wednesday 13 March 2013


Updated '4:45pm bells' Thorsday 14th March 2013

Tooneet, in less than fower hours time @ '8:05 bells' we take on 'The Anzi Pansies' of Makachkala who hail from the Dagestan region of Rushaa, in the 2nd leg of this 'last 16 roond' of the Europaa Leegue.
The adrenalin iz startin' to pump az aa write this and dreams of an Amsterdam final in May are in mee heed!

A goal-less draw in Moscow last Thorsday gives US the advantage, but think back to the last roond when we drew 0-0 with Karkiv @ St James' to give THEM the advantage for the 2nd leg in the Ukraine, anly for Shola to 'pinch it' with the anly goal of the tie to send US through against the odds!

And divvint forget that the game in Moscow waz played at a 'neutral' venue because of unrest in war torn Dagestan ower a thoosand miles away!

That waz on a plastic pitch az well of course and a'm sure that wor multi millionaire opponents will put up a better show on grass and that this tie iz far from a foregone conclusion in wor favour!

We on the other hand are able to send oot a full strength team az we are now nine points above the abyss in the Premyaa Leegue and are favourites to progress to the qwaata finals!

Dont know wot the crowd will be but, if we divvint get 40,000, I for one will be disappointed in wot iz wor biggest game for a lang time!
(We've hord that 40 Anzi fans will travel from Dagestan, plus a fortha 400 'I'-'I's<(work it oot!) who are livin' in the UK!)

Az we speak we have hord that aall the lower section seats have now sold oot which holds a total of aroond 37,000 and they are now sellin' seats for The Leazes End 'upper' level 7 corner!

It shud be noted that because flares and green smoke bombs were set off by irresponsible toe-rags with 'half  sheeps brains' in previous Europaa Leegue ties,<(apologeez to any sheep readin' this---ne offence intended!) that yoo will be searched before yi gan in, which meeenz (of course!) that it will take yoo langer to reach your seat!---so it iz advisable to leave the boozer yoo are drinkin' in, much orlier, to make the kick off!<(and aall because of a few 'p*ss brains'!) 

This will be The Toon's 145th European tie since wor forst one against Feyenoord of Holland in 1968 (132nd if yoo DIVVINT include 13 Anglo-Italian Cup ties!) and 'The Geordie Times'z 111th competitive European tie 'in a row'! (includin' SIX in the 1992 Anglo-Italian) 

Europaa Leegue games toneet and who we want to win and gan through to the qwaata finals in gold: (in order of kick off times)

'5:00 bells': Ruban Kazan (0) v Levente (0)
'5:00 bells': Zenit St Pertersborg (0) v Basle (2)*
'6:00 bells': Inter Milan (0) v Sporz (3)
'8:05 bells': The Toon (0) v Anzi (0)
'8:05 bells': Bordeaux (0) v Benfica (1)
'8:05 bells': Chelski (0) v Steaua Bucharest (1)
'8;05 bells': Lazio (2) v Stuttgart (0)
'8:05 bells': Fenebache (1) v Pizan (0)
* We've been to Basle before, but it would be much easier (and cheaper!) than havin' to apply for anotha visa for Rushaa!       

PS: There are it seems at least THREE different ways to spell wor opponents forst name:
'ANZI'<(The Geordie Times vorsion!)
'ANZHI'<(The Dagestan vorsion!) and
'ANJI'<(The vorsion!)
'The Geordie Times' haz used 'ANZI' aall alang and we will stick with this!
Take your pick!

Full 'Geordie Times' match report and pics sometime tomorrow mornin' az per usual!-----Watch this space!

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