Sunday 31 March 2013


Posted '10:30am bells' Easter Sunday 31st March 2013


Aall the hype in the 'Ronny-Gill' through the week from wor players, warnin' that: "City had better watch out!" and: "We'll finish off your title dreams!", etc! etc!, aall torned oot to be 'hot air' az we put in an absolutleee abysmal performance at 'The City of Mancs Stadium'

'City' were at wor throats from the word 'go' and attacked the end where we were housed in the forst half.
We on the othaa hand with wor 'patched up side' (coz of injuries) were totally inept and it waz anly a matter of time before the home team scored.

A'd mentioned this to the aad gadgie who waz standin' beside me and 'hey presto!' just two minutes later they were in the lead when Tevez poked in, in the 41st minute.
It waz soon 2-0 when on the stroke of half time Silva shot past Elliot in the Toon goal to put the game beyond us!<(aalready!)
The anly 'highlight'? of note from wor point of view in this half, waz when Cisse hit the post from an accute angle! 

The second half waz a 'damage limitation exersise' az to how many we would concede due to 'The Blue Moonies' domination!

WE came oot with 'aall guns firerin' at the start with Cabaye and Cisse gannin close, but that's 'az good az it got' and aa spent most of this half starin' at the seat in front of me, rathaa than 'the fare' we were puttin' on, on the pitch such waz wor performance!

It waz soon 3-0 when a Kompany deflection beat Elliot in the 56th minute and we wondered then, just how many more the home side would get!?
Thankfully it waz just 'one'! when in the 69th minute a shot deflected off James Perch and into the net at the far end from us.

We then watched the clock 'tick doon' hopin' that wor goal difference wouldn't be forthaa dented in wot torned oot to be wor biggest ever defeat at the COMS

The home fans had tried to 'take the p*ss by singin' "You only sold one tier!"<(of seats)
This of course iz because of NUFCs 'policy'? of anly takin' the MIMIMUM number of away tickets available!?<(it's embarassin'!)
(Lets hope it's not the othaa 'TEARS' at the end of the season!)

Othaa results that went against us, meeen that we are once again hoverin' above 'the abyss', just three points above the trap-door!

Toon team: Elliot, Simpson, Yanga, Steve Taylor, Gutierrez, Anita, Cabaye (Bigiramana 74), Gouffran (Gosling 63), Sissoko, Obertan (Perch 46), Cisse

Attendance: 47,201 (2,000 Toon fans<"we anly sold one tier!") 

The gadgie on 'Radio 5 Live' on the way back best summed wor performance up!
"Newcastle were TOTALLY underwhelming!", he said!

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