Tuesday 19 March 2013


Posted '9:50am bells' Tuesday 19th March 2013

MARK HALSEY (centre of picture)

Followin' the aftermath of the horrendous high knee tackle by 'Callous' McManaman which could have ended Massidio Haidara's career at Wigan the referee Mark Halsey claimed that he (and hiz two linesmen!) DIDN'T see it, despite bein' close to the incident!

He (and hiz two linesmen!), then claimed that deep into the 2nd half, he (or they) DIDN'T see a Shola effort come off the Wigan goalie and he gave a goal kick instead of a corner to us!

The baall from the goal kick then ended up at wor end of the field, which resulted in a blatent hand baall by a Wigan player, which, YET AGAIN! he claimed NOT to see (or indeed did hiz assistants, once more!) which resulted in the winnin' goal for them!

Can we respectevlee request that 'THE THREE BLIND MICE' of Halsey and hiz two linesmen get themsels off to SAVERSPECS forthwith for a comprehensive eye test!

We then had 'The Blue Wigs' manager Martinez ridiculouslee claimin' that he DIDN'T see the Haidara incident? and in fact that McManaman wazn't like that<("OH YES HE IZ!")

The Wigan owner Dave Whelan (who MUST have had tooo many 'G&T's before the game!) then butted in and said that in hiz opinion it waz A FAIR TACKLE! and that McManaman waz a 'nice lad reeely'!<("OH NO ISN'T!")

Me finx that aall FIVE of them shud gan to SAVERSPECS together!

If Mcmanaman HAD been sent off, then surelee we would have won the game and been TWELVE points clear of danger.
Instead we find worsels just SIX above 'the abyss' thanx to THREE horrendous 'blind mice' errors by the officials!

Thankfully Haidara's leg wasn't broken, but he haz (not suprizingly) suffered severve knee ligament damage and bruisin' and iz likely to be oot for a very lang time! 

PS: former ref Graham Poll reckons that Halsey shud 'pack in refereein' forthwith after this performance!<(I naa of 5,000 people who were in the visitors end @ Wigan, who will heartily agree with him!)

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