Sunday 24 March 2013


Posted '11:30am beels' Sunday 24th March 2013

Great news for aall 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' that 'The Jellied Eeels Mob' from "eeest Landan" have been granted a 99 year lease to move into the Olympic Stadium have been annoonced---subject to a judicial review which Leyton Orient owner and 'snooker loopy' ontranipur<(Geordie Times spellin'!) Barry Hearn haz lodged to try and stop them movin' to 'their patch'!
However!--Hearn's protests look in vain and 'The Mob' look certain to move in by 2016!

Sporz new groond next to White Hart lane iz comin' on nicely and shud be completed by 2015, wheraz anotha London club, Crystal Palace are 'toyin' with the idea of movin' back to their origional home at 'Crystal Palace' athletics stadium where The Toon forst played in the 1905 FA Cup final!

Anotha new groond could be on the cards tomorrow afternoon, when The Toon resorves play 'The Canary Custards' resorves @ their Norwich trainin' groond @ '1:00 bells', but the bad wethaa could scupper theeze plans, plus! av got to work neetshift toneet and might not be able to make it anyway!<(there's aalways next season!)

And then on April Fools Day we are due to travel to Nantwich Toon where 'The P*ss Potts' of Stoke' play their resorve games and then of course later on that week we're off to Portugal to see The Toon play Benfica @ the 'PROPAA' and ANLY Stadium of Light!<(translated to 'Stadio da Luz' in their lingo!)

A 'good news week' for aall 'NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers'!

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