Monday 4 March 2013


Posted '9:35am bells' Monday 4th March 2013

We must now torn wor attention to wor lang jorney to Rushaa, where we play Anzi in Moscow on Thorsday neet in the Europaa Leegue! ('5:00 bells' GMT)<(Geordie Match Time!) 

Whereaz 'The Toon' had 500 fans in the Ukraine a fortneet ago, this time because of the visa 'nightmare' we have had to endure, many fans 'gave up' and we have hord that anly 75 Toon fans will be there from the UK! (Moscow iz just 400 miles from Karkiv by the way!)

We were the lucky ones and wor visas and match tickets have came back ower the weekend, but my heart bleeds for the fans who were in Swanzee on Saturday, who were unable to get visas or couldn't afford it! (Quite a few have been left devastated that they cannit gan!)

Otha fans are still waitin' for their visas and must be sweatin this mornin' az the postie comes up the path!---a game of 'Rushan Roulette' if ever there waz one!   

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