Friday 22 March 2013


Updated '11:30am bells' Friday 22nd March 2013

With yet anotha blank weekend in the Premyaa League due to those players on international duties (Rio Ferdinand exepted!) we find worsels with ne games to gan te once again!
Because of the freezin' conditions, plus rain and snow and god naaz wot else forecast ower the weekend?, it looks az though the local non leegue scene will be virtually wiped oot az well!

There IZ a game this mornin' @ Villa's Bodymoor Heath Trainin' Groond where wor U18s are in action against Villa's equivalent @ '11 bells'!
However!---heavy snow iz forecast and the game could be postponed at any moment!

'The mad-sad groundhoppers' were to be represented at this game (*but NOT me az av got ti gan to graft!), in the shape of 'The Caped Crusader' and 'Liam from the Lamp'<(that's the 'Big Lamp' on Westgate Road!) and they were due to set off @ '7 bells' for the Midlands!
HOWEVER!---'Liam from the Lamp' haz just contacted 'The Geordie Times' and haz told us that they HAVVENT travelled az the wetha forcast iz bad!<(bloody part timers!)

IF the game DOES gan aheed, we will of course bring yoo the result later today!

Then on Monday @'1:00 bells' the resorve U21s travel to Norwich's Trainin' groond to play their resorves and aa hope? to make this one instead az it ISN'T behind closed doors!<(wetha dependin'!)

*Mee policy on groondhoppin to trainin' groonds iz that aa can de them anytime in the future, for example, and they arnt a priority!<(unless the home team are to move somewhere else, forcin' me to 'de it' before it's too late!)

Updated '5:30pm bells'

The resorve Under 21s DID play after aall and beat 'The Hazbeens and Villians resorves 2-1 with wor goals comin' from Callum Roberts and Greg Olley! 

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