Sunday 10 March 2013


Posted '9:45pm bells' Sunday 10th March 2013

"Iz this Moscow in Disguise!?"

AZ THE SKY DARKENS WITH SNOW FLURRIES!<(So it's not wor fault that the picture iz blurred!)
(View from The Milburn Stand balcony)

A day of arctic temperatures and icy winds that 'cut through yoo like a knife', were the conditions of 'Level 7' of The Milburn Stand az the game kicked off in a snow flurry!

It waz honestly just az caad az it waz in Moscow on Thorsday neet and both sets of players didnt look 'up for it' in the forst half!----And withoot borin' yiz to death, it waz a pretty miserable and awful forty five minutes!

Pulis, the 'P*ss Potts' manager had brung a bunch of hackers and lang baall punters to try and serve 'dipstick' Crouch and co. and try and intimidate The Toon, but it didnt work!

By the half time break many of the fans had aalready taken shelter beneath the stand in the concourses to try and keep waam and av never seen so many Toon fans crammed like sardines into that area before, az we 'battled' to force wor way to the 'toolshed' for a 'gypsies'!

The Toon were the better team in the second half, but against the run of play the visitors took the lead at The Leazes End when a penalty waz needlesleee given away by Tiote and Walters stepped up to place the baall past Elliot in the Toon goal at the mid-point of the half!

It looked a 'lost cause' but just six minutes later a Cabaye free kick at The Gallowgate End went in off the underside of the bar (see above photo) to level the scores!

And then, just when it looked like we would have to settle for a point, and deep into injury time, super sub 'Marveaux the Magician's through baall foond Cisse (who we thought waz in a offside position) and he fired the baall into the net past the stranded Begovic!
At forst we thought that the ref waz gannih disallow the goal, but the linesman on The Milburn Stand side didnt flag and the goal stood!

It waz like a delayed reaction from us for a few seconds, and then, when, the realisation sank in that the goal would actually stand, we started to celebrated the winner, and the crucial THREE POINTS to take us clear of 'the abyss'!

It waz a cr*p game in freeezin' conditions---but who cares!---

Toon team: Elliot, Debuchy, Steve Taylor, Yanga, Santon (Haidara 73), Cabaye, Tiote (Marveaux 73), Gutierrez, Sissoko, Gouffran (Campbell 86) ,Cisse

Attendance: a 'mag'nificent 50,703 in the arctic conditions, but just 500 'P*ss Potts' in the visitors enclosure!    

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