Saturday 4 April 2020


Posted '1:07pm bells' Saturday 4th April 2020

Aa shud be in a bar in Bournemoooth az aa write this, but of course wor game on the south coast haz been postponed because of the 'Bat out of Hell' coronavirus---and so here I am---in the hoose, writin this on mee lap top, with nee where to gan!

Certainly, in my case, mee travellin' has been severely reduced, due to the pandemic!
In a normal week aa would be deeing mee night truck run from Team Valley (Gatesheed) to Redditch in deepest Worcestershire and back from Mundays to Thorsdays---a roond trip of 440 miles X 4 = 1,760 miles aall told. But, because collectin carpets and floorin ISN'T on 'the list' of urgent truck deliveries, (yoo cant eat carpets!---can yoo?) I haven't worked since last Thorsday! (I am on that furlough thing which pays 80% of mee wages)

On Fridays aa would 'relax' and heed for The Toon pubs for a few gargels with mee mates--- A roond trip of 4 miles!
And then on Saturdays or Sundays aa would get mee 'futbaall fix'---And if wor game v Bournemoooth had been on today, it would have been wor langest of the season, with a trip of 380 miles to the south coast! (Via London on the train)

Sunday would have seen the retorn jorney! (From an owerneet stay in London) so a roond trip of 760 miles would have been completed!
That's 2,524 miles travelled in a normal week!

In total contrast, because of social distancin' the furthest I have got is The Haymarket in The Toon for mee daily exercise (5 miles roond trip, plus a 'gargel rest stop'!)

And the least av 'travelled' is a few hundred yards to mee local paper shop and a walk aroond the block!

It's now ower a fortneet since Boris shut the boozers and 4 weeks since we last saw The Toon kick a baall in anger!   (A 1-0 away win at Sooothampton)

The latest news is that UEFA  have relaxed the '3:00 bells' Saturday kick off times for live telly, but with the death toll risin' the prospect of live games behind closed door are a lang way off and hopefully a non starter!

I can't imagine that the 92 Premyaa Leegue games still to be played, will AALL be televised live in empty stadiums!

And that doesnt included the 350 odd othaa games still to be played in the EFL Championship (108 games to be played), League 1 (130 games) and League 2 (114 games)!

That's a staggerin' 444 games still to be played in total, from the Premyaa Leegue to Leegue 2! (Are they gannin to televise them AALL, if they are played behind closed doors???)
One game every 2 hours, allowing for build ups and stoppage time and every day 'aroond the clock', perhaps????

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