Saturday 25 April 2020


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*Bein' an NUFC fan for seven decades now (1960s to 2020s), there have certainly been more 'lows' than 'highs' in that time! 
In my case, we won The Inter Cities Fairs Cup in 1969 which woz an aall time 'high'----and then we were brought back doon to orth, losin at that non leegue side beginning with the letter 'H' from near Wales in 1972, which woz an all time 'low' for me! (I can't even bring meesel to print their name!) 

And then anothaa 'high' in 1974 when we beat Bornley at Hillsborough to reach the FA Cup final!----followed by anothaa 'low' when we lost 3-0 to The Liverbirds in the final at Wembley!

This woz followed by anothaa 2 'lows' in 1975 when we lost to both Chester and Walsaall in Cup competitions!
And then anothaa 'high' when we beat Sporz in 1976 to reach The Leegue Cup final----to be followed again by a 'low' after losin to Man City in the final!

1978 woz anothaa 'low' with record 'low' gates of under 10,000, fences, the roof removed from The Leazes End and relegation to Division Two (now The Championship) plus a dire 4-1 defeat to lowly Wrexham in the FA Cup!
Anothaa 'low' in 1981 when we travelled to the othaa St. James Park and exited the FA Cup with a humiliatin' 4-0 loss to EXITer!

Promotion back to the top flight in 1984 with King Kev az a player woz a 'high' followed by relegation again in 1989---yet anothaa 'low'

King Kev led us back to the promised land az manager in 1993 to record anothaa 'high'----and then we hoyed a 12 point lead away when it looked certain we would win the Premyaa Leegue for anothaa 'low' in 1996

2 losses in the 1998 and 1999 FA Cup finals meant anothaa '2 lows' were added to the list!

And then in 2007 we wrongly thought that a 'high' point had been reached when a Billionaire known now az 'The Fat Controller' bought the club and we aall thought he would 'bank-roll' us back to the very top of the tree!

However!---we were soond to find oot that this woz a 'false dawn' and 2 more 'lows' followed under hiz lack of leadership because he wouldn't spend the money to make us great again, appointin' ridiculous managers like Joke Kinnear etc. and we were relegated in 2009 and 2016 (Followed by 2 'highs' of promotion at the 1st attempts!)

Finally! in 2020--aftaa several relegation battles and failed attempts to sell the club, it might finally happen when a mega rich Saudi Prince torned up! (Alang with a lass caalled Amanda and the Reuben bruvvaz!)

However!---the deal iz still to gan through aftaa several parties have tried to hoy several spanners into the works to derail the takeower, which haz been painfully slow! (Just to make it worse!)

We shall hopefully find oot within the next week if we are on an aall time 'high' at the top of the rollercaster, with a new very (VERY!) wealthy owner----OR! at a new 'low' at the very bottom of the ride, if the deal iz scuppered!

We can anly hope and pray that the deal DOES gan through and that we can get wor pride back aftaa 13 years of mediocracy and  misery under wor present absent owner!🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

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