Thursday 2 April 2020


Posted '12:37pm bells' Thorsday 2nd April 2020

News that aall NUFCs scouting network and academy employeez have been put on this 'furlong' thing, or whatever its caalled?, where the government pays 80% of their wages and NUFC pays them 'eF' aall!

The players meanwhile will continue to be paid their huge wages by the club in full, as the pandemic worsens! (Nearly 1 million infected worldwide, so far!)
Wot the papers say!

That's one of the top 30 richest clubs in the world, owned by a billionaire, gannin 'cap in hand' and asking the government to pay their lowest paid employees the pittance they earn! (ie: the minimum wage in most cases!) "It embarrassing!"

And this in the same week az NUFC have taken money from season ticket holders for NEXT season, despite not having a clue when it will start--or indeed, just when THIS season will finish!

Wor MD known az 'Penfold' to Toon fans for his remakable likeness to the cartoon character in 'Danger Mouse', has been put in charge of transfor business for the foreseeable future---A man who used to be 'stamp licker' and 'office boy' to former MD Russell Cushing! (Unbelievable!)

Let's hope this latest takeover saga iz true this time and that we finally get rid of 'The Fat Controller' once and for aall!

           πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™!

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