Monday 27 April 2020


Posted '2:22pm bells' Munday 27th April 2020
Some Toon fans have aalready decided the takeower outcome!
Let's hope (and pray!) that they are reet!?🙏

The saga of NUFCs latest takeower haz been gannin on for more than a month now!
The question is!---How the hell does it take so lang to pass the owner and fit persons test?
They say that there's a 500 page document to get through, so even if yoo just read 20 pages a day, then surely a month is lang enough to make a decision, one way or the othaa!

Of course we have Anmisty International and several othaa group tryin to uptorn the apple cart, but even so, surely a decision shud have been reached by now?

Speculation just who will be wor new manager and new players comin' in , is exactly that!  Aa meeen, just how do they know, when nebody else does!?

It's just like when will the 'bat out of hell's pandemic end---and in my case, just when will I be allowed to gan back to graft after ower a month, with nee pubs or futbaall to gan tee eethaa, are cases of the unknown!

Hopefully, we will find sommik oot this week aboot the takeower at least!

Fingers(and toes) crossed for a favourable ootcome!

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