Saturday 18 April 2020


Posted '3:55pm bells' Saturday 18th April 2020

News that The Premyaa Leegue's earliest restart date iz on the 8th Joon reaches us!

That's assuming that there iz a downward curve in the infections and deaths and that the government give them the 'green light'!

With the death toll from 'the bat out of hell' virus now nearly 1,000 a day on average in the UK (not includin' nursing homes etc) it's hard to see just how this iz possible!

We aalso hear that the 2020-2021 season must start at the beginnin of September, which gives a maximim time slot to complete the 92 Premyaa Leegue games of 2 and a half months!

The games we are told, will aall be behind closed doors and live on the telly, but the 20 playin squads must be tested first az well az coaches and match officials!
And wot abooot the hotel staff where the players will be staying in isolation???

If games are played behind closed doors, then many fans (includin me) who haven't missed a competitive game this century, will have 'the chain' broken into pieces!
(That's NINE NUFC games behind closed doors!)

Honestly, if it's safe for players to play without social distancing, then it must be safe to watch live at stadiums--and not on a box at home! (Why should futbaallers be given priority for testin, ower the rest of the population?)

But with so many deaths still bein recorded, (16,000 in total--so far!) it's quite possible that the season will have to be abandoned, as that 8th Joon restart looks highly unlikely!
And wot happens if even just ONE player from a squad gets the virus? Then the whole team will have to isolate az well and then the whole plan will faall apart, like a row of dominoes!

Who would ever have believed that somebody eating a bat in Chinaa last November, could cause aall this mayhem aroond the world 4 months later?????

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