Monday 6 April 2020


Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 6th April 2020
Empty seats---A taste of things to come, perhaps?  NUFC U23s v WEST HAM U23s at SJP---May 2017

News that UEFA have given permission to the Inglish and Scottish leegues to televise games at 3 bells on Saturdays, has been annoonced in a desperate bid to finally finish the season!

Premyaa Leegue clubs in particular would be hardest hit az they could lose a staggering £720 million if the games arnt played! (Bornley have said that they face a £50 million shortfall and will gan bust if the season isnt finished!)

July and August have been mooted for the final games with the country still in lockdoon!

Like 'The Geordie Times' haz said before, futbaall without fans iz like a Sunday dinnaa with nee Bisto gravy!----ie; It's a non starter!---for mee at least!

With the death toll risin' daily, from 'The Bat out of Hell' virus, it may be a very lang time before futbaall resumes---and remember, futbaallers are human beings, just like the rest of us----So if its safe to resume playin with 'nee social distancing' for players considered to be OK---then it should be safe for fans to retorn to the terraces az well to watch on, rathaa than in wor front livin rooms with a deserted stadium az a backdrop!

The "empty seats" song will then take on a new meanin'!---for certain!

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