Tuesday 10 March 2020


Posted '12:33pm bells' Tuesday 10th March 2020

Az woz 100% certain, wor FA Cup qwaataa final tie v 'The Blue Moonies' of Mancland haz been picked for BBCs live game on Saturday 21st March, with a '7:00 bells' kick off!

Tickets are on sale now for 'lower bowl' season ticket holders and then from Friday for those in The Milburn Stand and Leazes End upper tiers! Prices are £15 for 'big kids' and just a fiver for sporgs and zimmerframeites! (like me!)
'The Blue Moonies' are expected to take up their entitled allocation of 8,000 tickets in The Leazes End level 7 and corner sections of The Milburn Stand level 7. (Unless 'The Dibble' say othaawise! (Police!)

We sit in the centre section of The Milburn Stand upper tier, above the directors box and we anticipate that we will be able to buy wor own seats on Friday!---If not we will be given priority for seats somewhere in 'the lower bowl'

A 52,000 plus capacity crowd iz *guaranteed az 'cup fever' grips Tyneside, with a place at Wembley for the semi finals at stake!

*That's assumin' that the game won't be played behind closed doors, because on the coronavirus epidemic!?
(More to follow on this sometime tomorrow!)

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