Tuesday 3 March 2020


Posted 'just before high noon bells' Tuesday 3rd March 2020

We take a much needed break from the ravages of Premyaa Leegue futbaall tooneet when we heed for The Hawthorns to take on West Brom in the FA Cup at '8:00 bells'! (live on BBC red button)

Just why the 5th roond iz bein' played midweek and not at the weekend iz because of the so caalled 'winter break', meeenin that we must play 3 games in 7 days following wor bore draw with Bornley last Saturday---and then away to Sooothampton next Saturday!

Despite the inconvenience of a Tuesday neet away game, NUFCs allocation of 5,050 tickets sold oot az soon az they were put on sale!----FA Cup fever haz hit Tyneside az its 14 lang years since we got this far in the FA Cup----indeed aboot a qwaataa to a thord of wor younger support tooneet, will have NEVER seen us in a 5th roond tie!

We have nee idea aboot the team line ups yet, az both 'us' and West Brom are tryin to be in The Premyaa Leegue next season, with 'us' just 6 points above the drop and West Brom in 2nd place in The Championship table! (ie: Premyaa Leegue rules OK!)

Yours truly haz got 'the short straw' and will be drivin' doon and back this time in a few mis from now! (somebody else's torn next time we need to drive to an away game!)

A full Geordie Times match report with pix will appear here sometime on Wedinzday----Az per usual---"Watch this space!"

PS: The monthly pageviews for 'The Geordie Times' passed the 9,000 mark for the forst time ever, for February 2020 (9,500+)---the highest monthly figure in the near 10 years that this daft blog haz been gannin----and NEE daft 'pop up advorts' to annoy yoo eethaa!---unlike aall the othaa NUFC fan sites! (ie: We dee it FREE (for the 'luv of it') and not for money!)


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