Tuesday 24 March 2020


Posted '1:03pm bells' Tuesday 24th March 2020

Boris delivered yet more devastatin' news last neet, when he told us to lock wor doors and stay put for at least 3 weeks!
We are allowed oot for exercise and shoppin and to gan to work if yoo are a key worker!

Az I am a truck driver I am classed as a key worker, but have a feeling that carpets and wood floorin', which I collect from Redditch in Worcestershire every week night are not high up on the list! (Yoo can't eat carpets, can yoo?)

News that the Champions Leegue and UEFA cups have been cancelled and now the Olympic games, reaches us!

How lang before they decide to cancel the rest of The Premyaa Leegue and lower Leegue futbaall? 
This iz now a real prospect az playin games behind closed doors, az haz been mooted, iz surely not an option to finish the season, az 22 players, plus match officials, can hardly keep a safe 2 metres distance between themselves on the pitch, can they?

This iz hardly ideal, but if things get much worse---and they surely will---then this could gan on for a few months yet!

Who could have imagined that someone eatin the wrang kind of bat in Chinaa, could cause aall this mayhem????

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