Friday 6 March 2020


Posted '2:08pm bells' Friday 6th March 2020

*After wor FA Cup heroics?, on Tuesday at West Brom, it's 'back to the grind' in 'The Premyaa Leegue survival saga'!

We heed for the south coast for the forst time this season, and play relegation rivals Sooothampton at St. Mary's Stadium!

We say 'relegation rivals' az we have been sucked doon the table to 14th place and just 6 points above the thord bottom side, Bournemoooth and 2 behind Sooothampton in 13th place!

NUFC have won just ONE of wor last TEN Premyaa Leegue games and haven't scored for 4 games in a row, which iz a big worry! (That's SIX hours by the way!)

And oot of the entire Futbaall Leegue we are in 90th place oot of 91, for goals scored! (24 in 28 games)
Anly Stevenage who are anchored at the foot of Leegue 2 have scored less (23 goals!) ---A shockin' 'stat'

Still oot injured are Krafth, Clark, Dummett and (suprize, suprize!) Andy Carroll!

The Toon have virtually sold oot wor 2,900 allocation of tickets for The Norham Stand, so some more great support iz guaranteed! 

We reeely must get sommik oot of this game, or else the downward slide will continue!

We leave on the '5:59 am bells' train to King's Cross (London) in the mornin' and then onwards to the south coast via London Waaterloo Station!---We are due back in the orly hours of Sunday mornin' and so a full Geordie Times match report might be a little later than usual---unless aa dee it on the train back on mee mobile phone, of course! (not eazy when the train iz rockin' from side to side and gannin ower bumps!)

Az per usual---"Watch this space!" 

The Simon Templar Mob---an explanation----'The Saint' woz a cult TV show in the 1960's and starred Roger Moore az 'Simon Templar'---Sooothampton's nickname iz 'The Saints'---get it? 

PS: 'Wor heed coach 'Broken Nose Bruce' haz said that it iz possible that future games might have to be played behind closed doors, like in Italy, because of the coronavirus crisis!

Can yoo imagine it? The FA Cup final with 90,000 empty seats!!! 

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