Saturday 28 March 2020


Posted 'high noon bells' Saturday 28th March 2020

1: The Quayside beer garden, Newcasil Quayside

Because we can't gan to pubs for the foreseeable future, I have decided to combine mee daily exercise with a trip to pub beer gardens instead!
I will buy broon ale at an off licence and drink it at an excesable beer garden, to stop me gannin completleee mad!

I have never been one for drinkin in the hoose, so the next best thing is to try and find a beer garden instead! (It's sad--isn't it!)

Yesterday I walked to the quayside, (keepin  a social distance from othaa people of course!), for mee daily exercise! (4,920 steps from wor hoose --accordin to £2 pedometer aa bought last week for this purpose) 

There, a bottle of  'DOG' woz consumed in The Quayside beer garden near The Swing Bridge ('DOG' iz Geordie slang for Newcasil Broon Ale)---az mee othaa 'dog' looked on!

Ower the next few days, and with mee faithful companion, I intend to find anothaa beer garden somewhere in The Toon, to drink mee 'dog'!---and to keep me sane, with nee futbaall to watch! (Or work to gan tee, az av been 'layed off' because of the crisis!)

AZ per usual and for more complete 'madness' "watch this space!" 

PS: At this time aa shudiv been heedin for Liverpoool on a train to watch Dunston play The City of Liverpoool in a North West Coonties fixture az The Toon had nee game coz of the International break!

Of course even non leegue games are off az well, so aa had to claim mee £47 train fare back last week!---It just gets worse!

PPS: I know the situation is serious and I am keepin well away from othaa people on mee daily exercise and 'food' shopping trips! (Broon ale top of the list!)

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