Thursday 22 April 2021


🐍 Posted 'high noon bells' Thorsday 22nd April 2021 🐍

Would NUFC have joined the ESL, if invited?

Make nee misstayk, yoo could bet your 'bottom dollar' that wor beloved? owner 'The Fat Controller' would have crawled ower broken glass to join the ESL, IF we'd been invited!

Az would the 'Brady Bunch' West Ham owners, Gold, Sullivan and Brady! (plus a few others!)

So let's not take the moral high groond and admit that it could've been 'us' az well!

The apologies by the Yank owners at Man U and Liverpoool were pathetic, hollow and NOT believable and have fuelled even more fan outrage, az it haz at the other 4 'snake in the grass' clubs, with angry protests at each and every one of them!

Top marks to aall of them!

They hadn't figured on the reaction and fury that AALL fans felt from Liverpoool to Manchester and London and beyond the so caalled 'big six'?

It will be very interestin indeed to see if Masters and hiz cronies at the PL meet out any punishment for these 'six poisonous snakes!???

Or will they 'chicken oot'🐔 and not dee anything at aall!?

Anly time will tell in this sorry 48 hour saga!

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