Wednesday 14 April 2021


 Posted '3:00pm bells' Wedinzday 14th April 2021

News that wor beloved owner? known affectionatly az The Fat Controller to Toon fans, haz sent letters to the NUFC club shop staff, tellin' them that they have been sacked az the new owners divvint want them!

New owners?---Haz sommik happened behind the scenes?  Haz the Saudi takeower been reserected?  Who knows???

In the letters sent to the staff, thats exactly wot they have been told!  A bit of a shock and a disgrace to be 'shafted' in a letter and not told personally!---But nowt surprises us with this club anymore!

But mystery still surroonds the bid and buildin' wor hopes up after they have been dashed so many times iz soul destroyin' to say the least, especially with the 'fare' sorved up on the pitch!

The Geordie Times will beleeeeve it when or IF it eventually happens!

Until then, fingers crossed that the deal WILL gan through!

PS: Hopefully the club shop staff will be re-employed by the potential new owners?---Who will staff the shop if they aren't?

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