Monday 5 April 2021


 Posted '5:00pm bells' Easter Munday 5th April 2021

Wot a desperately sad situation we find worsels in!

Hopin that teams we don't really like, like Villa and Man U, WIN against wor relegation rivals, az WE can anly draw or lose!

For 17 minutes on Sunday NUFC went into the bottom 3 when ex Toon player Mitrovic scored for Fulim v Villa. Thankfully Fulim imploded and Villa won 3-1 in the final minutes to lift us back to 17th place!--Lady luck woz with us, eventually!

And then it woz Brightin's torn to have us chewin wor finger nails, when they went 1-0 up at Moan U----Again lady luck woz on wor side and the home side came back to win 2-1 in the final minutes of the game! This keeps Brightin within touchin distance, 3 points aheed of us!

WOR performance v Sporz woz much better, but we could still anly draw and Brucey made on that it woz a famous victory in hiz post match presser! (Just 2 wins in 21 now, Brucey!)

Indeed, if Harry Kane's shot with 4 mins to gan had went in off the post, instead of gannin oot for a goal kick, the score would have been 3-1 to them and game ower!

Wot happened of course woz that Dubravka took the goal kick, which eventually ended up in front of Joe Willock to fire home the equaliser, to give us a precious point!

1-3 to 2-2 within a minute! Lady luck woz on wor side!

And then this Friday Fulim are at home to Wolves, so of course we will be shouting for the away team for 90 minutes!

A Fulim win would put us in the bottom 3---anything else iz a bonus! (NUFC don't play Bornley away til Sunday!)

Fine margins indeed, in wor quest to stay up!--But WILL lady luck be on wor side NEXT weekend?๐Ÿ™

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