Friday 2 April 2021


 Posted 'high noon bells' Good Friday 2nd April 2021

MARKS FROM 1 TO 5,  EVERY  ONE A 'ONE' FROM NUFC FANS! (From The Athletic News survey of Premyaa Leegue clubs fans!)

The local Toon rag 'The Ronny-Gill' aalso did a poll and 95% of fans want Bruce to gan! Az for the other 5%, they must be smb supporters?)

"In Denial" Bruce haz issued a statement in hiz latest press conference orlier this mornin'

In it he says that, "The performance against Brighton simply wasn't good enough!" (Just Brightin, Steve? AND 25 other games?) 

"The last thing I want to do is walk away!" (And lose 4 million quid severance pay!)

"I will NEVER walk away from a challenge!" (Except at Sheff U, Wigan, Palace, Bormingham, Hull and of course Sheff Wed!)

"Certain individuals are entitled to their opinion---of course they are! (50,000, plus!) But I'm determined to see it through (aalmost certain relegation if wor tactics don't change!) and that's what I'll try and do!"

Delusional til the end---game!

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