Sunday 2 September 2018


Posted '10:45am bells' Sunday 2nd September 2018


Beleeeve it or not, a'd done a neet 'truck run' to Manchester the neet before and woz stuck in a traffic jam on the M62 for ower an hour at MIDNEET because of roadworks!---Eventually gettin to bed at '4:40am bells'!

The retorn jorney to Manc-land restarted 5 hours later, when aa dragged mee lifeless body oot of mee 'scratcher' and caught the bus to 'The Central' (station) and then onwards  with 'Big Al' (not the sheet metel workers son!) to Durham station where 'Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer' woz givin' us a lift to east Manchester in hiz 'jam jar' (He lives in Langley Park near Durham-- where Bobby Robson woz born!

We arrived 3 hours later and went on 'the hoy' in central Manchester before heedin for the match in trepidation of wot cud happen!

2 Man City fans who were in their late 60s and who shud know better, started takin the p*ss ootside the groond, mockingly singin': "You've got Ashley!--- you cud have had ours!", in reference to wor skinflint absent billionaire owner's refusal to spend substantial cash, compared to their arab owner who haz spend nearly one billion quid!)

Theeze sad individuals are old enough to remember that their beloved 'City' were in the old 3rd division (now Leegue 1)  in the 1990s, playin the likes of Mansfield in front of 3,000 diehards at their old Maine Road groond! (A division NUFC have NEVER sunk so low to play in!)  Short memories indeed from theeze 'memory loss arseholes'!

The goadin' continued inside the groond from more of their fans, with us replyin' "Where were yoo when yoo were sh*t!" (50,000 more than were at the Mansfield game!)

Anyway!-- it didnt take the current champions too lang to take the lead when Raheem Sterling latched onto a misstayk by Lascelles to fire home a curler in the 8th minute!
A cricket score looked on the cards, but NUFC had othaa ideas and we equalised in the 30th minute when Deanre Yedlin fired home from close range after a great cross from Salomon Rondon, to silence 'the mockers'!

We held on til half time but 'The Blue Moonies' retook the lead in the 53rd minute when Kyle Walker fired in an unstoppable 30 yard shot past Martin Dubravka in The Toon goal!
Dubravka then made a great double save to deny the home side!

The 'highlight' of this half wasnt the goal or double saves, but a City fan covered in blood who had been fightin with a fellow fan in the section next to us!  He woz dragge5d away by the local 'Dibble', but not before aimin a punch at one of them!---a good hidin' doon the cells!-- and a lifetime ban for certain!

The game ended 2-1--- not the 'cricket score' many had expected, but it haz put us in the bottom 3--- for the time being at least!

Toon team: Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez, Clark (Murphy 81), Dummett, Kenedy (Atsu 54), Ki, Diame, Perez, Rondon (Joselu73)

Attendance: 53,946 (3,000 Toon fans)

*Fact file:
In December 1998 in an Auto Windscreen Shield match (the competition for 3rd and 4th tier clubs), Man City lost 2-1 to Mansfield Town at their old Maine Road groond!
The attendance woz 3,007 which included 500 Mansfield fans!
So the actual number of City fans at that game 20 years ago numbered just 2,500!

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