Monday 17 September 2018


Posted '2:05pm bells' Munday 17th September 2018

News that wor away game at 'The Theatre of Muppets' next month iz sold oot, iz hardly a suprize!
But the fact that the loyalty points needed had dropped to ZERO tells yoo aall iz not well with supporters!

Flashback to the 1990s when we had a team to challenge Man U for the title!
Anly 800 tickets were available to Toon fans az Man Us groond woz bein extended and they needed to shut a stand for buildin' work!

I know one fan caalled Dekka who paid a fellow fan £300 for a ticket to get into that game!
Now, lack of interest, or fear of a hiding, haz depleated wor away followin to such an extent that yoo could get a ticket, even if you'd NEVER been to an away game before!
Dekka, by the way, doesnt gan anymore!

On Saturday against 'The Arse', one of my mates who will remain nameless and who hasnt missed a home game for years (includin friendlies) didnt torn up and I woz worried that summik had happened to prevent hiz attendance!

It later transpired that he went to work az a plumber instead, fittin a new boiler into an *'old boiler's hoose, rather than gan to the match! 😨
(*'old boiler' iz Geordie slang for an old woman!)

Another mate who went to every home and away game when we were in The Championship, ISNT gannin to Palace this comin' Saturday!😨

Apathy haz set in I'm afraid, and its aall doon to one man who doesnt gan anymore, namely 'The Fat Controller' who owns and iz ruinin wor great club, but couldnt give 2 monkeys F**** anymore!

Az for myself, I WILL be at Palace, but its gettin to be a right chore to do away games now!
I remember that more than 10,000 travelled to Palace, when Wimbledon ground shared there in the 1990s!
Now we cant sell 3,000 tickets for the same venue! (They are still on sale with zero points needed to buy one!)

A thord relegation in 9 years iz unfinkable to me and aall Toon fans, but iz a very reel possibility once again!

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