Tuesday 4 September 2018

DONNY ROVERS (1st team) v THE TOON U21s ***Tooneet!

Posted '1:55pm bells' Tuesday 4th September 2018
The last time we were here
for a competitive game.
The Championship 23/03/2010.
Andy Carroll scores the anly goal
of the game!


Tooneet wor U21s take on Donny Rovers forst team in the Checkatrade Trophy at The Keepmoat Stadium at '7 bells'!

Most of the NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers WON'T be there az we've been there before for 1st team games---besides--a'v got to gan to work sometimes, az mee holidays are runnin oot!
Anly the main stand will be open az a low crowd iz expected!

A brief Geordie Times match report however WILL be posted tomorrow from thord party sauces!

PS: Wor forst ever visit to The Keepmoat Stadium (ground number 266) woz 10 years ago on 23rd July 2008, when we lost 1-0 in a friendly fixture!

Brief archive match report on that game below!

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