Sunday 30 September 2018


Posted  'high noon bells' Sunday 30th September 2018


Yoo divvint have to gan to the pictures to watch a horror show! Just gan to *NE1 4ST instead and yoo will see one!

This woz a game we HAD to win, but failed miserably az Lestaa took advantage of wor ineficiancy!
With striker Rondon oot for up to 2 months, it woz left to Joselu and Perez to lead the line once again! ("Oh no!")

We did have chances in the forst half when Joselu woz put clean through by Perez, but dillied and dallied near the goal and a defender toe poked the baall oot for a corner when Joselu shud have had a shot!

Diame then had a free heeder but put hiz effort wide of the goal at The Leazes End!

The misses were to prove costly az a debatable hand baall by Yedlin in the box left Vardy to shoot home from the followin penalty on the half hour mark!

Jonjo Shelvey then had an audasious lob shot from the halfway line but hiz effort woz saved by Shmicel in the visitors goal! (This woz to be wor anly shot on target in the entire match!)

The 2nd half woz terrible from wor point of view and in the 73rd minute the final nail in wor coffin woz hammered home when an unmarked Maguire heeded into the net to send the 3,000 Basil Brush Brigade wild in level 7 of The Leazes End!

Loud chants against 'The Fat Controller' followed, az he sat in the directors box for the forst time in 16 months ---and reports that he had a smirk on hiz face, tells yoo aall yoo need to know aboot him!

8 year old grandson Jamie asked to leave 15 minutes from the end az mee othaa grandson Zac disappeared with hiz daddy doon to the exits, with thoosands of othaa fans!

I told Jamie we had to stay till the bitter end, just in case we got a goal back! (Am I a cruel grandad or wot?)
We DIDNT!--- and history woz made (for aall the wrang reasons!) az we lost the openin 4 home games of a season for the forst time since 1892 (The year NUFC were formed, 126 years ago!)
It woz aalso the forst time since 1896 that we have gone into October withoot a win of any description!---Depressin' times indeed!😨

The anly light at the end of this dark tunnel iz the news that former Man U and Chelski chief executive Peter Kenyon iz brokerin a deal with Rockefeller Capital Management to buy wor great club!---Lets hope its true, or else 'The Championship' beckons us yet again, under 'The Fat Controller's disastrous leadership! (A possible hat-trick of relegations in 10 years!!!)

*NE1 4ST iz NUFC's postcode!
*Explanation: Lestaa are nicknamed 'The Foxes'---Basil Brush iz a fox---get it?

Toon team: Dubravka, Yedlin(Manquillo 80), Lascelles, Clark, Kenedy, Ritchie(Murphy), Shelvey, Diame, Atsu, Joselu, Perez (Muto 69)

Attendance: 51,523 (3,000 Basil Brush foxes)


Top to bottom Flag day in The Leazes and Gallowgate Ends 
plus Jamie's backwards cap!

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