Saturday 24 March 2018


Posted 'high noon bells' Saturday 24th March 2018

With ne Premyaa Leegue games for the 2nd week runnin (because of the International break this time!) it's a choice between Gatesheed and Dunston for me to get mee Saturday afternoon 'fix'!

While 'The Heedbangers of Gatesheed' are playin a semi final Trophy game at the International Stadium v Bromley, 'The Bad Blue Boys of Dunston' are playin at Federation Park in a Northern Leegue encoontaa against Newton Aycliffe!

'The Heedbangers' gan into this 2nd leg game 3-2 doon with the prize of a Wembley final if they can overcome the deficit!
A good 2,000 plus crowd iz therefore antisipated and good luck to them!

'The Bad Blue Boys' game iz the one I have chosen, az this iz the team I normally follow when The Toon arnt playin! (A 200 'crowd' antisipated at this one!)

A match report on that game will be forthcomin sometime tomorrow, plus news of how Gatesheed got on!

Meeeenwhile! -- there IZ a game on at St James' Park this afternooon, when Newcasil Falcons take on Northampton in a rugby match, entitled 'THE BIG ONE'! (Thiz iz the forst time they have ever played there!)

A crowd of nearly 30,000 iz expected, which amazingly iz aboot 5 times the average gate for a Falcons home match! (They normally play at Kingston Park some 4 miles north west of SJP!)

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