Thursday 15 March 2018


Posted '12:30pm bells' Thorsday 14th March 2018


Because of the 3 week break between games, wor squad iz away to southern Spain for a few days trainin at a place caalled Pinatar

A friendly game (of sorts) haz been arranged against Royal Antwerp of Belgium in Pinatar next Sunday dinnatime, which will comprise bizzarly of 3, 45 minute 'halfs' to give aall the squad some game time!

That meenz that 23 or 24 players will be put through their paces in wot iz in effect a glorified trainin session!
For that reason and the fact it iz a logistical nightmare to get there and back in 2 days (we need to get back for various reasons) ,we have decided to give it 'a miss', especially az its not bein played on a propaa groond anyway, and who's ever hord of a game of 3 halfs with 24 players a side?

This iz not a decision we have taken lightly! (IF it woz a propaa European competition game we would be there, for certain!)

The game of 135 minutes will be played at the Pinatar Arena, which by lookin at the pics iz in a trainin complex with 6 rows of seats on each side of the pitch! ('Arena' it iz NOT!)

We have been told that the players are under strict instructions NOT to nick any taxis like some West Brom players did in Barcelona, or gettin a sun tan like West Ham players are now doin in Florida (or wherever they are?)

I am still gannin to watch Newcasil ower the weekend however!---That's Newcastle Benfield v Dunston Bad Blue Boys in a Noorthern Leegue encoontaa in the east end of the Toon!

PS there ARE some NUFC mad sad groundhoppers gannin!
Namely Biffa the beer, Glennn from Ashington and Dave from York and hiz 'better half' Lesley!

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