Friday 2 March 2018


Posted '11:11am bells' Friday 2nd March 2018

News that the M62 motorway iz closed and iz likely to be closed until the bad weather haz abated, reaches us via the news channels! (The main route to Liverpool from the north east!)

We are due to travel by train to Liverpool on Saturday mornin' and  if there are any problems there, we are in deep trouble! (hopefully not 'deep snow'!)
(Train passengers have been stranded owerneet, doon the south!)

I have been off work for the last 2 days because it woz deemed too dangerous to drive to Redditch in Worcestershire!

However! My company have informed me that I WILL be heedin there this afternoon in mee truck, az the red weather warnings have been reduced to amber! (A 440 miles roond trip from Tyneside!)

Thoughts of gettin stranded like 1,000's of motorists have been owerneet on the M62 and othaa major roads in the UK have entered my heed!😨

I have been to 1,100 (plus) competitive games in a row watchin 'The Toon' and with Liverpool declarin' that the game WILL gan aheed, that run could well come to an abrupt end!

I will keep yoo posted on my progress (or lack of it!) az the day/night run progresses!
Fingers (and toes!) crossed!✖✖✖✖

'Fink' (the mad-sad groundhopper!)

Update '9 55pm bells' Woodall sorvices truck park
The road to hell!😨
(The A435 from Redditch to

Snow iz horrendous in Bormingham area and I nearly got stuck on a steep hill at Redditch!
Just made it up hill and onto M42 where heavy snow woz faallin
Snow haz now cleared on M1
It woz a close call, but I shud get back ok at 1:30am bells---Train to Liverpool iz at 9:10am bells in mornin!☺

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