Tuesday 27 March 2018


Posted 3:00pm bells Tuesday 27th March 2018
Updated Thorsday

Tooneet Sheff U U23s play Derby U23s in the U23s Premyaa Leegue Cup and the winners play NUFC U23s in the next roond!
Sheff U play their resorve games at Stocksbridge which iz a few miles north of Sheffield!

The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers await the result with baited breath!

Updated at midneet bells Woodall sorvices truck park

It IZ Sheff United away   they beat Derby 2-1
But will the game due to be played between 6th and 9th of April be played at Stocksbridge?

Updated Thorsday

The above game will be played on Friday April 6th @ '2:00pm bells'
It will eethaa be played @ Sheff Utds Bramall Lane groond or @ Stockbridge Park Steels groond!---A decision iz imminent!

Of course we hope its @ Stockbridge az we have been to Bramall Lane many times before!

We await the venue with baited breath (again!)😲

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