Saturday 17 March 2018


Posted '2:00pm bells' Saturday 17th March 2017

Because aa woz unable to gan to Spain for tomorrows friendly v Antwerp, aa decided to 'groundhop' to a new venue on Morseyside instead!

Wor U18s were due to play Everton's equivelent at their Finch Farm trainin complex in the Halewood district of Liverpool, but because of the severe wethaa warnings for the Pennines, it woz reluctantly decided to abandon the trip for fear of bein stranded on the M62---the highest motorway in Ing-er-land!

Aalso there woz the fear of the game not bein played at all and with ne way of findin oot on mee 'canny tranny's radio (Radio 5 Live and Talk Sport dont give info on such games!) this woz anothaa reason not to gan! (at the time writin aa STILL divvint naa if the game started at '1:00 bells'?)

Mee fave non leegue side 'The Bad Blue Boys' of Dunston were due to play Newcastle Benfield in a Northern Leegue encoontaa, but this game woz postponed due to a waaterlogged pitch
at Benfield's groond in the east end of the Toon! (it will be 'snow bound' az we speak!)

This haz left me with ne alternative but to 'gan on the hoy' in various locations in the Toon, az the results come through on the bars tellys!

Hopefully results will gan wor way in the Premyaa Leegue games that are bein played today! (PS: 'We' arnt playin coz wor intended opponents, Sporz, are playin' in the FA Cup at Swanzee!)

Wor U18s DID make it toFinch Farm, but were hammered 7-0 !  Good job aa didnt make it---EH!😨

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