Saturday 31 March 2018


Posted '11:00am bells' Saturday 31st March 2018
The penalty save by the nephew of someone?
(See photo of team line ups!)

On a bitterly caad Good Friday (global warmin'---your havin' a laff!) aa heeded for The Nags Heed on Gatesheed High Street for the forst of many 'liquid lubrications' with 'Tex' and Les who iz a Heed season ticket holder!

After lubricatin' wor tonsils several times, we heed for The Heed's groond which iz aboot a mile waalk from the toon centre!

A smaall queue at the tornstiles greeted us az the Heed faithful entered the main stand!
Before the kick off there woz a minutes silence for those who had lost their lives in the armed forces!
The armed forces leave the pitch to loud applause!

73 Daggers diehards are in the far stand who made the lang trip from "Eest Landan"! (East London)

To be honest it woz a c*ap game with both sides missin' chance after chance, preferin' to fire the baall ower the bar, rather than into the net!
The highlight of the game came at The Byker Waall End  (The Byker Waall iz in the distance across the Tyne!) when Dagenham were awarded a clear penalty!
The Gatesheed keeper, (who's name aa didnt naa) dived to hiz left and saved brilliantly to the loudest cheers of the match!
Aa woz told by 'Tex', the keepers name, but aa thought he woz windin' me up! (See team line up photo below!)

Anyway! It woz back to 'The Nags' after the game for the evenin' session before (finally!) heedin' yem! (The anly GOOD thing aboot this Friday woz the booze up!)

Attendance: 770 (73 Dagenham and Redbridge fans!)
"We woz there!" (At a price!)

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