Friday 23 March 2018


Posted '12:40pm bells' Friday 23rd March 2018


News that wor game at Evaatin, which we thought couldnt be moved, az the live telly games for April had aalready been picked, HAZ been moved at the last minute at the bequest of SKY!
The game haz been moved from Saturday 21st April to Munday 23rd April with an '8 bells' kick off!---which meeeenz!---we will be unable to get back by train, az we will miss the last one oot of Lime Street (Liverpool)

Many of the 3,000 Toon fans who have bought tickets, like Colonel Gadaffi (the one from Bracknel in Berkshire and NOT the one from Libya!) had aalready booked trains and hotels for a Saturday game, thinkin that that date woz 'cast in stone', anly to find oot that it had been moved to the followin Munday neet, yesterday! ---DESPICABLE!

This iz the 11th time (ELEVENTH!) that one of wor away games haz been moved for live telly this season and ne thought haz been given to 'us' yet again!

The match tickets have the Saturday date on them and they have sold oot! (While NUFC will refund costs of match tickets for those unable to travel---train fares and hotels are NOT included---of course!)
Of course many fans cant gan to midweek away games for a number of reasons and they are the ones who will miss oot and they will have to watch it on the box!


Wot SKY are sayin iz: "Even when we pick games for TV ,we can STILL change it at the last moment if we want to----just to f**k you up!"
"We dont care if you have booked trains and hotels!---Its your daft fault for not waitin til the last minute, just in case we change it at a whim!" (cheap advance train tickets are unrefundable and hotels may charge a fee for cancellations!)

In othaa words----even when the games are picked for the telly we cant be sure that that will be the case anymore!

PS: In my case, luckily I hadn't booked any trains etc, but I will have to take anothaa days holiday from work to gan now!

Az for a date for wor game at Wembley v Sporz???, we have been told that it will be played anytime between May 1st and May 10th, but we wont find oot til April, when it iz too late to book 'cheapies'!
(Yoo cud aalways 'gamble' and book an open advance train ticket and a 10 day hotel stay in London!---if yoo are rich enough that iz!)


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