Saturday 6 July 2013


Posted '9:40pm bells' Saturday 6th July 2013

Billy Connelly's prediction that Partick Thistle would score 'nil' today nearly rang true, but the Scottish Premyaa Leegue newcomers DID! score and their anly goal of the game came in the last five minutes of the game, but it waz to 'ne avail' az 'The Heedbangers from Gatesheed' had scored twice in the forst half to seal this famous victory for the non leegue club from the 'banks o the Tyne'!
Durham City's New Ferens Park waz the 'home venue' this afternoon for the 'Tyneside nomads' and it waz a well desorved victory 'at that', in the glorious sunshine! < (aye!---av got a very canny 'pot belly' suntan now!)

In the clubhouse before the match it took us TWENTY MINUTES! to reach the bar az it waz full of 'Thistle Nil' fans, singin' anti Rangers and Celtic songs!
ie: "We hate the royal blue!--- < (Rangers)
We hate the emerald green!---< (Celtic)
We are Glasgow's number one!---
So F*** the Pope and Queen!" 
(or words to that effect!)

Anyway!---it waz soon time to heed for the two tornstiles that were open and TEN QUID waz taken from my grasp by the tornstile operator and 'ne change given'! < (daylight robbery in Durham!)

'The Heed' took the lead in the 2nd minute when Briggs hit an unstoppable right foot shot into the back of the net to silence the red and yellow hoards who had crossed Hadrians Waall!
Then!--just before the break anothaa unstoppable 'right footer', this time from Marwood doubled 'The Heeds' advantage to send the ootnumbered Tynesiders wild with delight!

That's the way it stayed until Partick's one and anly goal and it waz a happy 300 or so 'Heedbangers' who 'heeded' the 15 miles back to Tyneside up the 'A1M'

Attendance: 700? (estimated) (400 'Thistle Nil' fans and 300 'Heedbangers'!) (everyone with canny suntans in the searin' heat!)

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