Sunday 21 July 2013


Posted '9:25am bells' Sunday 21st July 2013

(Er! sorry it's a bit fuzzy!)

We needed wor Saturday 'fix' and az we couldn't gan to Portugal to watch the forst team, we decided to heed for The Toon's trainin' ground in Benton where a behind closed doors U21s friendly against Sooothampton waz takin' place @ '2 bells'!

We had a cunning plan in place to get into the Darsley Park base but at the last minute the game waz switched to the Greenlee Lane Academy pitches doon the road with access to the public!

A mad dash waz made to the Academy thanx to 'Dava the Raver the Painter to Savour' who gave me and 'Liam from the Lamp' a lift to get us there for kick off time! <(a 'saviour' indeed!)

With ne team sheets on offer we had to try and work oot just who waz playin' and it took half an hour, with the help of a Scout from Hartlepool called Paul Baker who waz standin next to us near the halfway line. (Paul aalso managed wor U16s at one stage and he telt us that he once played Andy Carroll at right back!)

Just az we'd completed wor list the visitors scored at the 'East Coast Main Line End' to wor right and they went in one-nil up at the break.

Amongst the players who had forst team experience for us were Amalfitano, Tavernier, Richardson and Abeid and we were telt by the Hartlepool scout that in contrast the Sooothampton's team waz mainly made up of 17 year kids!
Indeed, Abeid came closest to scorin' for us when he hit the bar in the 40th minute from a free kick

The visitors doubled their lead in the 54th minute with a fine shot from one of their forwards and really it waz curtains for us after this az we had hardy pressured their goal aall match, apart from Abeid's effort!

On the hour mark Toon goalie Woodman saved a penalty which we are delighted to tell yoo we caught on camera! <(see above!)
That waz the 'highlight' of the game for us and az the ref blew the final whistle we heeded off doon Coach Lane towards Heaton

(Now just wethaa aa can include this az a 'new groond' iz debatable, az the game waz played on a pitch a canny hike from where aa watched a junior game, the one and anly othaa time aa waz here, a while back!?) <(Probably NOT az it iz in the same complex!)

'The Lochside' boozer a qwaataa of an hours waalk away, waz wor forst 'port o call' for some much needed 'liquid refreshments'!

It waz then a 'torturous jorney on the number 1 bus back to the city centre where the bus seemed to gan doon every side street in Heaton, and we eventually got to 'The Hotspur' in the Haymarket half an hour later!

News filtered through later on that the forst team were losin' THREE-NIL @ Rio Ave in Portugal after just TWENTY SIX minutes! 
It waz time to de some serious drinkin now to drown wor sorrows! (brief match report on that below!) 

Toon team and subs: (we think?) 1:Mitchell, 2:Mbabu, 3:Tavernier, 4:Miele, 5:Streete, 6:Satka, 7:Aarons, 8:Abeid, 9:Gilliead, 10:Richardson, 11:Amalfitano, 12:Logan, 13:Woodman, 14:Armstrong, 15:Olley, 16:Booth

Attendance: 66 (estimated)

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