Monday 15 July 2013


Updated '1:30pm bells' Tuesday16th July 2013

A'v trawled through the NUFC record books from 1893 to date and aa can tell yoo that The Toon have NEVER played Muthaawell in a forst team competitive or friendly game at eetha St James' Park or Fir Park!
In 1999 we DID play a resorve game on their trainin' ground when we drew 2-2 with their resorves, but that iz it!

We're leavin' shortly this afternoon and it will be a change to see the ground from close up, rather than from the M74 a mile away, where yoo can just see the floodlight pylons above the trees az yoo crane your neck az yoo drive past!

I must have seen the 'same view' 300 times or more az I've driven backwards and forwards in mee truck to Glasgow ower the years, which iz less than 15 miles up the motorway!
Indeed in the last month alone a'v past 'the floodlights' at least 10 times, so it will great to actually visit the groond at last!

The Toon are the ANLY Premyaa Leegue club to date, NOT to have signed any new players and this iz very worryin' indeed!
So ne new faces will be in the line up tooneet, with 16 days of the transfor window gone aalready!

Several of wor forst choice players will be missin' toneet and so it will be a Toon X1 who will be takin' the Scottish Leegue's runners up @ '7 bells' 

We will be housed in the MOP Stand (Maxim Office Park Stand)and admission iz £15 for big kids and £5 to £10 for sprogs and zimmerframeites

PS: Less than one hour after writin' this 'piece', aa got a phone caall to de a night trunk to Glasgow at '8 bells' last neet!---SO!-- aa actually passed Motherwell's ground twice more at midneet on the way there and then again at 3 this mornin' on the way back! 

Match and pub craal report to follow sometime on Wednesday!

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