Saturday 27 August 2022


 Posted 'high noon bells' Saturday 27th August 2022

Made a rare excursion to Benton last neet to watch wor U21s play Derby U21s and I must have been a 'lucky charm' az we won 4-0 with 2 goals apiece from Dylan Stephenson and Kyle Crossley in front of 125 diehards, includin 8 Derby groundhoppers, who stood next to a 'Rams' flag behind the right hand goal from where we were standin near the halfway line!

This woz wor forst win of the season, so indeed I am a lucky charm! (Normally wor U21s play on a Munday, when I am workin--I don't work on Fridays) (PS: 'Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer', who gans to nearly aall U21s games, kept askin me who scored or had a shot----az I am not a regular at these games I struggle to put names to faces---and he knows this!---"The B*STARD!") ↓

Anyway! On to tomorrow's forst team game at Molineux----We set off for Wolves this afternooon, for an owerneet stay in Stockport, before travellin on to Wolves in the mornin (We cannit get there tomorrow on the train in time for the '2:00 bells' kick off!)

Wor new record signin 'Alexander the Great' will (hopefully?) be in the startin line up and yoo can guarantee that the team will be 'up for it' come '2:00 bells'!  

Wor forst team iz unbeaten in wor forst 4 games (So I MUST BE a lucky charm!) and hopefully we can make it 5 in a row at the final whistle!

A Geordie Times brief match report will appear here az we travel back so expect plenty of misstayks az I will be deein it on mee mobile tellin bone az the train rocks on the tracks!

Team news will appear here an hour before kick off---so az per usual "Watch this space!"🠟

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