Tuesday 9 August 2022


 Posted '1:13pm๐Ÿ”” bells' Friday 5th August 2022

Updated 'high noon bells' Tuesday 9th August

For the 2nd time in a row, wor U21s away game v West Brom haz been moved at short notice from Keys Park, Hednesford, to WBAs trainin groond in Walsall, next Munday neet!

'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' were due to gan, but az we have been to their training groond twice, we will have to 'bin it' az its behind closed doors now, anyway!

This iz devastatin news of course, az we still havvint been to Hednesford to watch The Toon!

Conspiracy theories abound that WBA manager Steve 'Broken Nose' Bruce, got wind that 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' had planned to gan, so he moved the game at short notice to get some revenge on us, for aall the abuse he received from Toon fans on social media, (which he doesn't read!) when aall games were played behind closed doors, when he woz wor failed manager, when the Covid pandemic struck!

To make sure that we couldn't gan to their trainin groond eethaa, he (allegedly!) ordered that the U21s game should be spectator free to stop us gannin!

That's anothaa days holiday booked from work for Munday, which aa divvint need anymore!

Cheers Steve! (Here's hopin' yoo fail miserably this season!)

Updated Tuesday:

The Toon U21s lost 2-1 at The Palm Trainin groond despite gannin aheed in the 68th minute through teen Michael Ndweni. WBA came back and scored 2 goals in the 87th and 89th minute through Reyes Clerary to win the tie for The Baggie Troosers!

Az mentioned above, nee fans were allowed in!

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