Sunday 21 February 2021

MOAN U V THE TOON *** TOONEET at '7:00 bells'!

 Posted from '6:00pm bells' onwards, Sunday 22nd February 2021

Toon to play in aall yellow!?

Many Toon fans are expecting us to get slaughtered tooneet at 'The Theatre of Muppets'!

However, Moan U's home record iz nowhere near az good az their away record and even relegation certainties Sheff U won there the othaa week! (They have drawn or lost 7 times from 12 home games!)


We fully expect a defensive rear guard to try and repel their attack, but if they do score, then Bruce doesn't have a 'plan B' to fight back!

Between them this season in leegue games, wor 3 remaining fit strikers have scored a paltry 3 goals between them, so any fight back would be a futile affair! (It seems!?)

We shall soon find oot and 'The Geordie Times' will bring yoo live updates of any goals and incidents az the game progresses on wor laptop!

*Halfway through the 1st half   NUFC 1 SHOT ON TARGET  (Joelinton) 30% POSSESSION


*25th minute   Almiron shot on target

*goal  29th minute  Rashford  1-0 doon!

34th minute  Saint Max shot on target

*35th minute GOAL! SAINT MAX VOLLEY 1-1! (above)

*HT 1-1  Much better performance from The Toon! 4 shots on target (inc goal) 27% possession

*49th minute  Saint Max shot on target

*goal 56th minute  James shot 2-1 doon!

*67th minute   Frazer shot on target

*73rd minute  goal Fernandez pen 3-1 doon


It's just a pity that the game didn't end after 60 minutes, as Bruce said we matched them up until this point! 

                                The clue is in the letters!

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