Sunday 7 February 2021

mackem miscreant moments!

 Posted '6:30pm bells' Sunday 7th February 2021

JUmPiNg  tHe  gUN!

In the dead of night on Friday ootside St. James' Park, 2 SMBs held a crude home made banner, mockin' us---Az if they could, in their predicament!

They thought we would lose to Sooothampton and slide closer to the relegation zone, but of course we won 3-2 with 9 men, while they dropped 2 points at the mighty MK Don's to slide doon to mid table in the Mickey Mouse Leegue 1 table!

In othaa words their stunt had backfired badly az NUFC moved 10 points clear of Fulim in 3rd bottom place, while the mighty Lincoln City moved 10 points clear of them in the Mickey Mouse Leegue!

They cannot even sppell properly!  Higher a lower case letters in BRuCey and an apostrophe in MAKEM'S which should be sppellt MACKEMS with a 'C' in the middle!

Thick as pigs sh*t!🐷

And 'pride of the north' at the bottom of the banner!  For God's sake have a look at the Premyaa Leegue table and see if there's a north east team in it, that is 35 place above!   Even the Smoggies of Middlesbrough are 24 places higher than them in The Championship!

They must have went to skuwl in pEnNyweLL!

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