Sunday 7 February 2021


 Posted 'midneet bells' Sunday 007 February 2021

I've been taken to task by Toon fan 'Dave from York', who haz been followin' the Toon for EIGHT decades! (1950s-1960s-1970s-1980s-1990s-2000s-2010s-2020s) (ie: He's VERY old!)

He says mee critisism of Steve Bruce iz unfair and that he hasn't stood a chance with the injuries and covid illnesses that have enveloped the club! (ie: He's been made a 'scapegoat' and hung oot to dry!)

Fair enough!---but it's hiz tactics and crazy comments that get me!----not the players inability to carry hiz instructions oot!

He iz---in effect---the club spokesman az well!--- Az wor absent ower and MD seem to have vanished into thin air!    

Defend, defend, against bottom club Sheff Utd and lose 1-0, when we should have 'went for the jugular' and attacked them from 'the off'---and the next game, attack, attack, against Arsenal, when we should have defended against an attack minded side---and lost 3-0!

Yesterday's 3-2 win v Sooothampton at SJP, with just 9 men in the torrential rain, woz 'heroic' and I am certain that if this game had taken place in December, we would have lost, az the players confidence then, woz at an aall time low!

Dave (from York) reckons that it woz Bruce who appointed coach Graeme Jones and IF that iz true, (but we have wor doubts!) then it's been an inspired appointment, az he haz been a breath of fresh air since hiz arrival!

Hiz so caalled 'diamond system' haz seen us take 6 points from the 3 games he haz been here---and we have scored 6 goals in the process---more goals than we scored in the previous 11 games!(5)

Diamond (formations!) are forever!----lets hope so!♦️


Fink (the mad-sad groundhopper!) who hasn't 'ground-hopped' to a new groond for a Toon game, for ower a year!                    (Rochdale, January 2020)


4 the 2nd time in 4 days Sooothampton have been beaten by 9! 

When they beat us 2-0 at their place in November they went to the top of the Premyaa Leegue----they are now just 4 points above us!

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