Friday 5 February 2021


 Posted '2:28am bells' Friday 5th February 2021

   "Oh why am I so stupid?"


NUFC's £40 million pound 'super striker'? Joelinton has been fined £200 for gannin to a barber's in Heaton for hiz haircut, durin the lockdoon---which anly came to light when he stupidly posted a picture on Instagram, of the barber cutting his hair!

Just how he iz able to afford to pay this oot of his £79,000 a week wages, is anybody's guess?  Wor hearts bleed for him! (The Geordie Times iz seriously 'finkin' aboot having a whiproond to help him pay his fine!) (NOT!)

Meeenwhile!  Wor beloved? manager, Broken Nose Bruce iz on £57,000 a week, not bad for a tactical genius?, who has won just once in wor last 13 games, as we nosedive towards oblivion!

The question is, how could wor reluctant owner 'The Fat Controller', (who iz normally az tight az a fishes arse!), get it SO wrang, to pay SO much for these complete failures on and off the pitch!? (And not for the first time, of course!)

Money doon the drain!--for a 'fool' and a 'pain'!

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