Saturday 20 February 2021


 Posted '5:17pm bells' Saturday 20th February 2021

Updated '10:01pm bells' 


Most results on Friday and orlier today have not gone to plan with Wolves pickin up 3 points last neet to move 7 points clear of us and Sooothampton gettin a 1-1 draw v Chelski in the dinnaatime kick off, to gan 5 points clear!

However Bornley drew 0-0 with Fat Sam's X1 and so both drop 2 points----probably the best result for us! (Bornley 3 points aheed of us on 28 now!)

And next up tooneet of course, iz the 'killer game', when Fulim take on Sheff U at '7:00 bells'----an away win iz needed or else we are in the S*IT!

Nervous update here when that game ends! (won't be watchin'!)

Fulim won 1-0 and are now just 3 points behind us!

Steve "I'm in denial" Bruce, haz said that NUFC, "Are half way up the bottom half!" (of the Premyaa Leegue table!) 

We're not mathematical genius's by any stretch of the imagination, but if yoo are halfway between the last 10 places (11th and 20th), then 15th iz halfway!

Az NUFC are currently 17th, we are in fact in the bottom half of the bottom half and NOT halfway up the bottom half!

The bottom line iz (sic!) we are in deep, deep trouble and hiz latest quote of, "Lets see where we are at the end of the season!", doesn't actually fill yoo with a great deal of confidence ----does it!?

And what does this mean? "It's the accumulation of points at the end of the season and that will never change!" ---"You've got to set yourself your own points target to reach!", withoot sayin' what wor 'accumulation' points 'target' iz, exactly???

Some years ago when Ossie Ardiles woz wor manager, we were rooted to the bottom of Division 2 (now The Championship). When asked by the 'then owners' if he could save us from relegation to the 3rd tier of English futbaall, he replied, "I don't know?", and shrugged hiz shoulders!----He woz sacked not lang after those comments and replaced by 'Special K'!

In other words, Bruce's comments means the same thing---that if we do finish in the bottom 3, then that's what we must accept!

PS: We naa that a tiny minority of NUFC fans 'fink' that we are tooo critical of wor manager and absent owner, (Hi Dave!), but the reality iz that we are slowly sleepwalkin' to disaster!---Aye, we've got injuries to key players, (Wilson, Schar, Manquillo etc) but surely Bruce and the NUFC hierarchy should have foreseen that this might happen in this shortened season and bought cover, just in case!----but of course we didn't and so we divvint have a recognised goalscorer to replace the injured Callum Wilson, for example!  

We now have to rely on Joelinton, 1 goal this season from 19 games, Carroll, 1 goal this season from 14 games, Gayle, 1 goal this season from 8 games = 3 goals between the 3 strikers in the Premyaa Leegue this season! 

Moan Utd are up next, tomorrow evenin' and we fully expect that we will try and 'park the Sherman tank' to try and get a nil-nil draw!

 A shocking stat!

A live 'Geordie Times' 'Laptophoppers' match report will be forthcomin' az the game progresses tomorrow at '7:00 bells'! 

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