Friday 10 July 2020


Posted '5:46pm bells' Friday 10th July 2020

THIS is the nearest real 'quality' that NUFC will get under the current regime!


Followin wor abysmal show against Man City durin the week, wor manager haz said that he wont tolerate a performance like that again!
He said exactly the same thing when we were humiliated in the FA Cup against the same opposition barely 10 days ago!?

He then admits that he haz yet to speak to wor absent owner 'The Fat Controller' aboot forthaa player recruitment, adding that he intends to add quality to the squad, despite not knowing just who will own wor great club by the start of the new season! (Whenever that iz?) Or indeed, if HE will still be in charge!?

He adds that he hope's we can unearth some gems like Saint-Maximin or Almiron, with nee mention at aall aboot £40 million man Joelinton!?

We will again heed for Rosie's bar near the groond tomorrow, to watch the game on the telly!

To be honest, personally a'v saved a fortune not bein able to gan to away games like Bournemoooth, Man City and now Wotfaad!

BUT! I honestly hate watchin us 'on the box' with false crowd noise and empty soulless stadiums---and would far rather be skint, than have this alternative!


Az I write this, I am in The Crows Nest sitting in a designated seat, chosen by one of the bar staff, which makes the whole new pub experience crap az well!

In the Toon today the followin boozers are still shut that I have tried to get in tee!  The Bodega, Tilleys, The Star, The Welly, The Bacchus, The Monkey Bar and Trillians!

Open bars I have been tee are Lady Greys, The Junction and here in 'The Crows'!
ie: It's an open and shut case!

A full Geordie Times 'Tellyhoppers' report will appear here in due course---rather like the agonisin' takeower, where the 'fit and propaa persons test' has just entered its 4th month OR the ONE THIRD OF A YEAR MARK!  (Dependin on how your brain box works?)

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