Saturday 18 July 2020

334 Holker Street, Barrow

Ground number 334 
(138th ground visited that has staged League Football)
(169th ground visited including Scottish League)
Date of First Visit: 16th July 2018
Holker Street, Barrow in Furness

Barrow 2
Newcastle United U23s 3

Friendly fixture
Attendance: 400 est



A'd 'binned' the fight ticket to Dublin for wor game v St Pats az NUFC had arranged a game at short notice in Barrow and we sent the U23 squad there on the day aa woz due to fly!

Az Barrow's Holker Street groond woz an ex Futbaall Leegue groond aa HAD to gan and caught the train to Barrow via Carlisle at the exact time aa woz due to fly to Ireland!
The train jawnee woz torture and took 4 and a half hours with 30 odd stops and I arrived (eventually!) at '4:30 bells' and heeded for the nearest ale hoose which woz caalled The Furness Railway!
At £1.99 for a pint of 'Smiths' aa wasnt gannih gan anywhere else az the groond woz just a 10 minute waalk away!

The usual 'saddos' who gan to these games (like me!) then started to appear, namely Biffa the Beer (he likes the broon stuff!), Dave fom York and hiz 'sidekick' Alex of St George!
After a few more 'gargels' it woz time to heed for the clubhoose at the groond, before finally makin wor way inside just before the kick off!

The Toon's 2nd string came from behind to win this thrillin encoontaa 3-2 in Barrow 'the back of beyond'!

John Rooney the bruvva of Wayne, opened the scorin for the home side after just 4 mins on the clock
Ivan Toney equalised for NUFC just before the break with a tap in your great granny could have scored!

Sorensen then got 2 for The Toon in the 2nd period before Barrow pulled one back, but it woz too little too late az we held on for the win!

This groond meenz av past the thord of a thoosand grounds mark followin NUFC!

After the game it woz back to The Furness Railway and to pick up just wot happened next gan to ground 335 report!
(Much more to follow when aa get time!----got to catch a ferry to Dublin for wor 1st teams game at St Patricks Athletic!)

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