Monday 28 October 2019


Posted '3:33pm bells' Munday 28th October 2019

"SNORE DRAW!"-"ZZZzzz!!!"😴

Wor heed coach ,'Broken Nose Bruce said, "I was delighted the way way we played in the 1st half!", and added, "We forgot to take part in the 2nd half!"

The first half woz indeed better than the second, BUT it woz hardly 'delightful' as we never had one shot on target except for the heeded goal by Lascelles!---Which made him wor joint top goalscorer of the season! (6 others have scored one goal each!)
Almiron missed a glorious chance to score for the forst time, but hit the side nettin', when it looked much easier to score! (He looked a broken man az he slumpted ower a advertising hordin at The Leazes End, just after hiz miss!) However! A ball boys gave him the 'thumbs up', which woz a nice touch!

The second half woz terrible, like Brucey says, and it woz nee suprize when wor visitors equalised through a Debravka misstayk in the 74th minute!

Before Wolves scored we had a free kick near the home dugout. Rather than try and get anothaa goal to seal victory, we passed the baall BACKWARDS and eventually lost possession!
(CRAZY TACTICS!---that badly backfired!)

The atmosphere woz dire az we watched the last few minutes of the game with just 10 men az Sean Longstaff received a red card for showin' hiz studs in the 83rd minute!--and in the end we were lucky to come away with a point, which lifts us to one point above the drop zone with 10 games played in the Premyaa Leegue!
Wor 6 goals in the 10 leegue games played equals the lowest in wor entire 126 leegue history! (6 goals last season az well!)

The reality iz that az lang az we have 'The Fat Controller' az owner (who wasn't there again!), we will be fightin relegation battles for the foreseeable future!
If we manage to stay up this season, then we will be in exactly the same position next season, fightin for wor lives!

Nuf said!

Toon team: Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez, Clark, Willems, M Longstaff (Atsu 90), Saint-Maximin (Gayle 90), Almiron, Joelinton (Shelvey 85)

Attendance: 46,019 (3,000 Wolves)

PS: The 'MAGnificent 7' joint top goalscorers this season, are:
Shelvey (3-1 defeat at Norwich)
Joelinton (1-0 win at Sporz)
Muto (1-1 v Lestaa in the Leegue Cup where we lost 4-2 on penalties)
Schar (1-1 draw with Wotfaad)
Willems (3-1 defeat at Liverpoool)
Matty Longstaff (1-0 win v Moan U)
Lascelles (1-1 draw v Wolves)

(More to follow when aa get the time!)

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