Saturday 5 October 2019

343 roy west centre hull (v hull u23s)

Ground number 343
Date of First Visit: 4th October 2019
Roy West Centre, Kingston Upon Hull

Hull City U23s 0
Newcastle United U23s 1 (Luke Charman) (pen)

Premier League Cup group stage
Attendance: between 95 and 138 (The mad-sad groundhoppers couldn't agree---so we have put the highest and lowest estimates!)
(7 mad-sad groundhoppers plus a dad and hiz young lad decked oot in black n white!)


It woz my torn to drive, so I heeded for 'The White House' in Chester-Le-Street to pick 'Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer' up from there! (It iz indeed a 'white house', but not az big az the one in Americaa!)
Blondie actually lives in Langley Park (where Booby Robson comes from) but parked hiz car in Chester coz hiz village iz a bit oot the way for a lift!

Aaall went well until we hit the centre of Hull, bang in the middle of the Friday rush hour---and we crawled the final 3 miles to the groond which iz next to Hull Univorsity!

We were still in good time and were given direction to the nearest boozer up the road after we'd parked up----The Spotted Dog!--but we didn't 'spot' any of the mad-sad groundhoppers in there?

It woz soon time to heed for the groond and we were given a nice suprize az it woz 'free admission' to get in! (which we didn't expect!) ---not such a nice suprize woz that they had nee teamsheets and we were told to take to take a photo of one stuck in a window instead!!!

The game kicked off az The Toon attacked 'The Dressin' Rooms End', but it woz a dour forst half for sure!

Dave from York woz there and told me that he'd taken a diversion route through a village called Bishop Burton to see a picturesque DUCKPOND??
And he told me excitedly that the ducks were 'qwackin' and paddlin' merrily away in the pond az he passed by!
(Some people have got very sad lives---havvent they just?)

ANYWAY!---like aa say the forst half woz dire and we went in goalless at the interval!

The Toon's youngins played better in the 2nd period and if it wasn't for the Hull goalie we could have been one or two up, az he made some very good saves!

The deadlock woz finally broken in the 83rd minute when Hull's Jacobs brought doon James Sterry in the box!
The ref immediately pointed to the spot and centre forward Luke Charman made nee misstayke az he hit a risin' shot into the net, 
to muted cheers from the travellin' contingent! (see Penalty video at top of page)

We held on to claim the 3 points---a 'Charman' result for the black n whites! (sic!)

It woz the 'homeward bound', but we went anothaa way to avoid Hull city centre this time!

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